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Build systems

BioSegment uses GitHub Actions to automate testing, linting and documentation updates. The configuration files are located in .github/.


The workflow .github/workflows/ci.yml rebuilds the documentation site when the main branch updates. The resulting site is published on the gh-pages branch. More documentation on publishing can be found here.



Building images

Local development

For local development, act can be used.

# install act
curl | sudo bash

Example commands:

act -P ubuntu-latest=berombau/act_base -j test
# WARNING act-environments-ubuntu:18.04 is >18GB!
act -P ubuntu-latest=nektos/act-environments-ubuntu:18.04 -j lint


  • There are differences between berombau/act_base and the GitHub images
  • different oses are not supported
  • public GitHub actions can depend on certain GitHub tooling, which would require incorporating that dependency in the act_base image.