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Backend development

The backend is implemented using FastAPI. Read their documentation and also those of Pydantic and SQLAlchemy.

  • backend hot-reloads on file changes
  • Database schema changes need the removal of the database volume
  • Backend tests
docker-compose exec backend bash /app/
  • Backend linting and formatting
    • via docker bash docker-compose exec backend /app/ docker-compose exec backend /app/
    • locally bash cd backend/app poetry install poetry shell sh scripts/ sh scripts/


  • backend/app/app/
    • schemas/
      • Pydantic schemas that define BioSegment data
    • db/
      • contains configuration for the database and initial setup
    • models/
      • SQLAlchemy models that define database table
      • uses the schemas
    • crud/
      • Python functions that implement database actions
      • uses the models
    • api/
      • endpoints that implement the API
      • uses the schemas to define input/output type
      • uses the crud actions